"With over 10 years of development, Flute continues to evolve and improve.  Even with custom modifications for each client, everyone runs the same version and gets the benefits of these improvements quickly and do not have to wait for a version upgrade."

  • Advanced Client-Server Technology providing superior speed and extensibility
  • Microsoft SQL Server Back-End for data integrity and speed
  • Designed for Microsoft Windows XP and Higher
  • Easily scalable to the Web and Mobile space
  • Easy and familiar windows environment
  • Multiple windows opened simultaneously
  • Advanced security with users and groups.
  • Web based "Whiteboard" and Dashboards
  • Prints to any windows printer



Customer Maintenance

  • Easily add, and locate customers with mouse and or keyboard
  • Able to add an infinite amount of ship-to addresses and contacts per customer
  • Multi-Country locations and currencies
  • Easily store Docket Defaults, Price Change information and History, and Credit Information.

Docket Maintenance (Estimating and Product Reference)

  • Able to quickly add and find dockets in metric or imperial
  • Drop down text boxes guide you through available options
  • Automatic routing through the necessary processes
  • Flexible raw material selections
  • Infinite quantities stored per docket
  • Revision tracking with user and comment field for what was changed
  • Track material, labour, overhead, shipping costs as well as price and margin per quantity
  • Tooling database which tracks the status of the tooling for each docket
  • Able to attach any kind of file to a docket (ie; an outside spec or picture)
  • Able to build a component list which is a list of other dockets required to make a product (ie; point of purchase display)
  • Able to add notes which can appear on the quote, order, purchase order, production documents, shipping or invoicing
  • Ability to cost all products, including non-corrugated, and store large multi-line descriptions
  • View, Print, Fax & E-mail quotations in what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) mode
  • Able to store purchasing information directly on docket

Order Entry

  • Able to quickly place and find orders
  • Multiple dockets automatically brought in for multi-line ordering
  • Produce shipping bills with accurate pallet break downs
  • Automatically produce invoices when scanning the shipping bills
  • Able to view the production schedule to get the earliest shipping date


  • Able to effectively add and find purchase orders
  • Able to pull directly from the docket the required information for the Purchase Orders by Vendor
  • Able to show cost comparisons by vendor
  • View, print, e-mail and fax P.O.’s right from your desk


  • Automatically pulling from Order Entry, able to schedule machinery and processes
  • Produces reports for production efficiency and back logs
  • Able to easily change the planned production path of a product

Production Tracking

  • Able to track all breaks and down times per order
  • View production drawings (if available) in the plant
  • Produce statistical reports by machine, operator, or shift.
  • Track Inventory by JIT Method or by Wireless Inventory Control
  • Optional TrackDotNet Sheet Counter hardware and software available including Operational Efficiency calculations

Accounts Receivable

  • Tracks all invoices in any currency
  • Able to post cash-receipts in batches to outstanding invoices
  • Produces aged receivable listing by customer or salesman
  • Able to produce statements with attached outstanding invoices for faxing or e-mailing
  • Produces detailed Journal Entries for Sales as Cash Receipts


  • Allow customers to login to your web-site and create controlled pricing, upload specs, add quantities, request samples, view quotes and invoices and live order status.
  • Sales Rep's can also login, do controlled pricing for customers, send quotes and view their sales, customers and contacts
  • Able to view current and changing prices, order history with graphs and current payables

TRIPTRACKER - Proof of Delivery

  • Download Trip information from Flute directly into Android based smartphone in the order the truck was loaded
  • Able to track progress of Trip in real-time from Flute Order Tracking Screen
  • Driver can Navigate, cancel or skip drops, and make calls directly from application
  • Mark a drop as having a discrepancy and take picture if required
  • Enter Receiver's name and collect signature on touch screen
  • Proof of delivery is sent back in real-time and optionally forwarded to customer or reseller as required

References Available Upon Request